Warfighter FOCUS

Warfighter Field Operations Customer Support

AST Corp As part of the Raytheon-led Warrior Training Alliance (WTA) on the Warfighter Field Operations Customer Support (FOCUS) contract, Advanced Systems Technology (AST) is responsible for providing full-spectrum life cycle support and training services. Under this program, we support numerous live and virtual training aids, devices, simulators and simulations (TADSS) at various locations in the United States.

We have proven and relevant experience across all training environments. We deliver a comprehensive approach to providing integrated support for the live, virtual, and constructive environments. This makes us uniquely qualified to support any mission-critical training requirements.

AST’s life-cycle support to the U.S. Army maximizes the readiness of combat, maintenance and technical personnel. Virtual training support at U.S. locations encompasses more than 8,000 training systems and devices, including the Combined Arms Collective Training Facilities (CACTF) and Automated Shoot Houses (ASH).

The CACTF’s are designed to provide individual through battalion-level, home station and urban operations training. These training facilities allow units to train soldiers on building entry and room clearing techniques under live and blank-fire conditions and limited subterranean training in an urban training facility large enough to conduct combined arms force-on-force collective training at the battalion/task force level.

The ASH is an integral component of the Army's urban operations training strategy. In shoot houses, Soldiers fire live ammunition into targets or dummies as they train in the practice of clearing rooms. These facilities also provide Soldiers with shoot-or-don't-shoot scenarios.

Direct management of AST assets in support of all Warfighter FOCUS activities is the responsibility of VP of Operations, located in Orlando.

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