Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 2 Services

AST is currently providing subcontract support on the Army’s Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 2 Services (ITES 2S) contract which is the procurement cornerstone for Army Information Technology (IT) systems. ITES-2S is a program to provide broad, integral support to the Army in its diverse requirements for enterprise equipment solutions and for IT services worldwide which can also support the transformation of its infostructure. Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) and the Information Technology E-Commerce, Commercial Contracting Center (ITEC4) provides this contract vehicle for the Army to provide a mechanism to obtain an "end-to-end" solution within the context of the resulting contracts. The contracts will support complete IT enterprise solutions.

Direct management of AST assets in support of all ITES 2S activities is the responsibility of Program Manager, located in Lawton, OK.

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